Our mission

On October 22, 2021, I posted a message from my mother’s heart on social media, calling on my fellow Kiwis to protect our country’s democracy and freedoms. That morning, our Prime Minister had delivered a deathblow by using the Covid jab to gain unprecedented and unjustified and legally untested control and power over Kiwi lives.

The response from Kiwis to my love letter to them, was overwhelming, visceral and heart breaking. Many are feeling scared, sad for the future of our once-free country, angry at the power grab, confused by the sudden change of public face into bully-pulpit leadership from this public servant and deeply worried for their children’s futures in NZ. 

Our core consists of a movement to fight for our ebbing freedoms.

Liz Gunn

Five key words summarise FreeNZ’s purpose and drivers: 

Human rights





There is a world of riches and integrity inside each of those words. As it grows from its grounded beginnings into a powerful political movement for change, FreeNZ has a multi-pronged focus:

A media platform
to give voice to the voiceless in NZ. A way to counter the government extreme censorship and message manipulation. An offering of information that is balanced and informed by research into many perspectives on any one issue , and which is fair and is birthed in respectful debate based on transparent offerings of core political issues which go to the heart of our human rights and our freedom.
A social media platform
to act as the People’s mouthpiece. Through discussion, peer-review, voting, ranking, and seeking consensus, the People feel involved and valued for their views and their courage in speaking up. This social media can drive the discussion and can positively influence the drive for transparency within decision-making circles at governmental level. The politicians learn they are answerable to the People. 
A movement
to offer refuge from those who are willing to lie their way to power. A movement that values open communication and discussion. A movement that insists on integrity from all involved, truth-telling, and lack of corporate influence in decision-making.


You were born free; you still are

We stand for your freedom

We stand for your voice to be heard




Build our freedom, together

Lean in

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