The Hive Mind

To all our elected representatives, elected by the people, for the people.You are elected to represent us, the people of New Zealand. You do not have power, you have PEOPLE.Why has no elected representative come out of the Beehive to speak with the people of New Zealand who have traveled from all around the country […]

Dear Trevor

I understood last night that some clever people turned off the water. I would expect them to be fined for doing so without instruction, but I think they should send their bill for their time and services to parliament, which is, after all, owned by and exists solely for the public. I think they should […]

New Shub

What follows is an actual email exchange today; in the interests of being the “most transparent Freedom Movement ever” I include it. HiMy name is William Hewett and I work for TV3/Newshub. We have seen reports that five kids collapsed at the North Shore Vaccination centre on Monday. We have also seen the video of […]

The one sauce of truth

Following on from my last missive here:, I wanted to expand on the saucy truths we are to believe…or are we? Imagine you had a supervisor in your workplace, and this supervisor was one of those types who think they know it all. One of the types that is never wrong; you know the […]

Open Sauce

Open Sauce In New Zealand we seem to have a love-hate relationship with our freedoms. We want our freedoms, but we are so prepared to give them away. As an example, I’ll cite the recent governmental claim to overriding the Bill of Rights Act 1990 with the Covid 19 Response Act; where our government autocratically […]

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