Goodbye Andrew Little

The NZ Police have accepted the manslaughter charges against Minister Andrew Little, due mainly to the death of Rory Nairn (one of the only autopsies actually done).If you have vaccine damage, or are affected by the mandates, then you are a witness to the case. You may report your circumstances now to number 220203/2237Have […]

Liz Gunn interviews Andre Smith

Link: “Some boys have been here for 14 years” – Andre Smith. Andre Smith is a New Zealander, an ex-military serviceman, a social media sensation, and now a 501 because of his deportation from Australia – his home for most of his life. He has been placed in a detention centre in Australia, after doing […]

Liz Gunn interviews Antony Mo

Link: Antony Mo used to love singing, boxing, fitness. He talked quickly and with energy. On Sept 13 2021 his life changed. He has suffered terrible side effects and has a vaccine-induced sense of doom & anxiety, along with the torture of non-stop, high-pitched tinnitus. This is his story. Please support him if you can.

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