Gene technology: does it have a history of safety?

Stuck in a parallel universe:—at our local school a doctor arrived to address the student body and the staff about Covid-19 inoculation. Reassuringly the doctor explained that mRNA vaccination technology has a 30 year history of testing and safety. ‘The best vaccine ever’. Absolutely true that gene technology has been under development and testing for […]

Open Letter to the Editors and Owners of the NZ Herald and Radio NZ

Speak up now or we will lose our access to truth This letter calls upon the leaders of Civil Society in NZ to speak out now and loudly point out that NZ no longer wishes to be controlled by media who report manipulated data. Yesterday Radio NZ printed an outrageous lie designed to persuade parents […]

Liz Gunn interviews Bruce Smith

Link: "Watch this space. The power is with the people. I've got great faith in Kiwis.." Bruce Smith is the Mayor of Westland. He takes his role – as a public servant, to serve the people he represents – very seriously. He regards it as crucial that he listen to, and respect, the views of […]

Just released study shows risk of myocarditis following mRNA vaccination is higher than the risk from Covid infection

New study released 25 December shows incidence of Myocarditis among under 40 mRNA vaccinated males is worse than that induced by Covid itself. Definitive preprint study of 25 December 2021 analysing data from 42,000,000 cases in the UK finds that the risk of developing myocarditis among young males after mRNA vaccination is greater than the […]

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