Goodbye Andrew Little

The NZ Police have accepted the manslaughter charges against Minister Andrew Little, due mainly to the death of Rory Nairn (one of the only autopsies actually done).If you have vaccine damage, or are affected by the mandates, then you are a witness to the case. You may report your circumstances now to number 220203/2237Have […]

What does it mean to be a politician going down with the ship?

Today Jacinda Ardern had her booster shot and warned us all to do the same. If I was charitable I might say that she must be unaware of figures from overseas including Denmark, the UK, Israel, and USA which call the effectiveness of the booster into question. Even the CEO of Pfizer admitted to the […]

The one sauce of truth

Following on from my last missive here:, I wanted to expand on the saucy truths we are to believe…or are we? Imagine you had a supervisor in your workplace, and this supervisor was one of those types who think they know it all. One of the types that is never wrong; you know the […]

Open Letter to the Editors and Owners of the NZ Herald and Radio NZ

Speak up now or we will lose our access to truth This letter calls upon the leaders of Civil Society in NZ to speak out now and loudly point out that NZ no longer wishes to be controlled by media who report manipulated data. Yesterday Radio NZ printed an outrageous lie designed to persuade parents […]

An Indictment

Investigating the Science Behind Vaccinating 5-11 Year Olds Does the vaccination programme for teens and younger surpass the threshold for criminal prosecution? D-Day for vaccinating 5-11 year olds is upon us. If as a parent (or a politician) you do a google search “Is Covid vaccination of 5-11 year olds safe?” you turn up a […]

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