The Diary of a Scientist in New Zealand.

Today I reviewed my 2021 diary and correspondence and had an aha moment. Up until September most of my exchanges and the press articles I read involved discussion and interpretation of the relative merits of published scientific papers. After that the official dialogue reported in the media subtly changed and started to assert that ‘science’ […]

Just released study shows risk of myocarditis following mRNA vaccination is higher than the risk from Covid infection

New study released 25 December shows incidence of Myocarditis among under 40 mRNA vaccinated males is worse than that induced by Covid itself. Definitive preprint study of 25 December 2021 analysing data from 42,000,000 cases in the UK finds that the risk of developing myocarditis among young males after mRNA vaccination is greater than the […]

Press Release

A letter sent to DHBs around NZ on December 15 signed by Dr. Ashley Bloomfield Director General of Health and Dr Andrew Connolly Chief Medical Officer on behalf of the Ministry of Health contains the following message “Our vaccination safety surveillance analysis, conducted in conjunction with Medsafe, highlights the need to reiterate the importance of […]

Pfizer Revelations

Document released by Pfizer apparently as a result of a Freedom Of Information court order in the USA reveals a vast array of previously unknown vaccine adverse effects compiled from official sources around the world Pfizer concedes this is ‘a large increase’ in adverse event reports and that even this huge volume is under reported […]

Compulsion of Myths

The compulsion of myths—we are in extraordinary times, but of whose making? Our modern education system, the popular digests of science, the exciting film fantasies have created a dream vision of the future that rests easy with imagination and longing. We could sum this up in the phrase ‘our biotechnology future’. Since the discovery of […]

All Cause Mortality

Relationship between vaccination and all cause mortality for the 60+ cohort in New Zealand. A look at the New Zealand data released under OIA Hundreds of deaths associated with vaccination Lessons can be learned. National reconciliation is possible This release presents the association between weekly vaccination totals and all cause mortality for the 60+ age […]

Open Sauce

Open Sauce In New Zealand we seem to have a love-hate relationship with our freedoms. We want our freedoms, but we are so prepared to give them away. As an example, I’ll cite the recent governmental claim to overriding the Bill of Rights Act 1990 with the Covid 19 Response Act; where our government autocratically […]

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