Open Sauce

Open Sauce

In New Zealand we seem to have a love-hate relationship with our freedoms. We want our freedoms, but we are so prepared to give them away. As an example, I’ll cite the recent governmental claim to overriding the Bill of Rights Act 1990 with the Covid 19 Response Act; where our government autocratically rushed through changes to legislation which made the BORA worth less than the toilet paper that the populace was madly buying.

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And did the public say anything? Who would know? We do know that the mainstream media was largely silent on the issue. And those that weren’t silent justified it as a measure for public safety, as if any government ever being given more control ever gave it back! We do know that the MSM was paid many millions of tax-payer dollars in order to spout that rhetoric that they were told to. And again, the justification of this was “for the public health”, when everybody knows that the public health was never promoted, else where was the eat/sleep/exercise/vitamin advice?

So what, you ask? What are we going to do about it?

Kiwis love their tomato sauce, or so we are told. Tomato sauce is messy, but tastes great. Tomato sauce is best homemade. Tomato sauce has sugar and herbs in it; the sweet and the savoury. And that is why I am advocating for Open Sauce in our government; where the people have a say. The people can be sweet and savoury, messy but tasteful, and most of all homemade:- not ever controlled by outside interests and corporations, but by those whose lives are entwined with the benefit and the downfalls of the decisions made. The people of the country. The TangataWhenua.

Take a stand against the multi-billion dollar US corporations that have been given all immunity and granted none. Take a stand against the politics that allowed that and even encouraged it to happen. Take a stand for Open Sauce governance.

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