The Hive Mind

To all our elected representatives, elected by the people, for the people.You are elected to represent us, the people of New Zealand. You do not have power, you have PEOPLE.Why has no elected representative come out of the Beehive to speak with the people of New Zealand who have traveled from all around the country […]

Dear Trevor

I understood last night that some clever people turned off the water. I would expect them to be fined for doing so without instruction, but I think they should send their bill for their time and services to parliament, which is, after all, owned by and exists solely for the public. I think they should […]

The Diary of a Scientist in New Zealand.

Today I reviewed my 2021 diary and correspondence and had an aha moment. Up until September most of my exchanges and the press articles I read involved discussion and interpretation of the relative merits of published scientific papers. After that the official dialogue reported in the media subtly changed and started to assert that ‘science’ […]

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